When to groom my dog


How often your pet dog is groomed depends upon a number of factors – their breed, home grooming (brushing/washing) routine, length of fur, general health and their environment. Certain breeds need more frequent grooming than others. Check out our grooming list below to see the different coat types and how often your dog needs to be professionally groomed. If your dog is not listed below please contact us for detail 



Six to eight weeks after stripping / trimming, it is advisable to strip the straight hair. This removes the excess undercoat and the dog is left with the new, straight coat. How often a bristle dog should be groomed varies, but approximately every three / five months one should go to the dog groomer.

Depending on the type of results that you are trying to achieve and the growing speed of your dog’s coat. Please remember that the more the coat is being stripped, the more the healthier coat growth.
If you only send your dog in for grooming every few months when the coat is overgrown, it will take hours to remove all the overgrown coat. Your dog may look like a ‘plucked chicken’ for a few good weeks because there is no new coat underneath all the overgrown coat. No worries, the coat will grow back again.