Yento MP Pure Bristle Brush Small

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Yento brushes are outstanding quality, using only the best pure natural boar hair bristles. The unique properties of the pure boar hair cleans while brushing, leaving the coat with a healthy, natural shine. The bristles on this brush give an invigorating skin massage that helps stimulate the skin's oil glands and re-distribute natural oils for a healthy, clean and shiny coat. Ideal for lifting sparse coats. Yento pure bristle with nylon is especially designed for long and thicker coats as well as short fine coated breeds.

  • Ideal for brushing short, sparse or fine coats
  • Bristles stimulate the oil glands to help prevent dry skin
  • Natural boar hair bristles
  • Choose from small, medium or large

The Yento MP Pure Bristle Brush is an outstanding quality brush made using only the best natural boar hair bristles.

YENTO er naturhårsbørster stå blant de beste kvalitet børster. Børsten er med naturbust av svinehår, mixet med nylon. God kvalitet som ikke "røyter".

Yento naturbust mix passer til alle finere og tykkere pelser. Naturbusten sliter minimalt på pelsen, gjør den blank og fin.

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