Ultra Black Color Enhanced Shampoo

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Bio Groom Ultra Black Color Enhancer Shampoo Tearless is a color enhancing formula that intensifies black, blue and other dark colored coats, creating sparkling accents and a rich lustrous sheen.

  • Intensifies black, charcoal blue and other dark colored coats
  • Creates sparkling accents and lustrous sheen
  • Coconut oil base enriched with protein

A coconut oil base enriched with Protein gives life and body to the coat. Has a neutral pH and fresh scent. Avoid contact with eyes. For best results shampoo and rinse again, then dry and groom as usual. Ultra Black may be diluted with up to 4- 8 parts of water.

Sjampo for sorte og mørke pelser. Er pH nøytral og mild, inneholder bl.a kokosnøttolje og lanolin, som gjør pelsen blank og lettere å gre. Konsentrat - kan blandes ut en del sjampo med 4 -8 deler vann.

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