Roseline Purple Thinning Scissors

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Roseline Pink Collection are a new take on the traditional Roseline which are now widely accepted as some of the best professional grooming scissors available. Their philosophy and motivation is to "unite the tradition of scissor production with the best technology and innovation." For more than 35 years they have produced high quality scissors with the quality seal "Made in Solingen." They produce innovative products, in up-to-date designs, in their headquarters in Solingen, Germany.Roseline have such a wide range of scissors its easy to see why they are one of the leading brands in this industry.The Roseline Pink Collection comprises:8.25" Wide Straight Scissor
7.5" Straight Scissor
6.5" 49 Tooth Single Thinner

Ny fresh farge på god gammel effileringsfavoritt. Rose Line kvalitetssaks - 1-sidig modell med 46 tenner.

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