Rose Line Scissors 7.5"

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Rose Line Purple 7.5” Straight Scissors

  • Medium sized straight scissors
  • Stainless steel with a satin finish
  • Micro-serrated edge
  • Symmetric handle with finger rest
  • Adjustable screw

These straight scissors are perfect for students and beginner groomers thanks to their serrated edge, which grips hair, helping to hold it in place while you scissor. They feature a removable finger rest and finger inserts, with a larger sized thumb ring to make holding the scissor more comfortable. The scissors are made from durable stainless steel and are excellent work-horses which are sure to become your go-to scissor.

Rose Line is a premium manufacturer of stainless steel scissors. Each Rose Line scissor is micro-serrated for versatility, resilience and durability. These well balanced scissors have been designed to catch and hold hair whilst scissoring.

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Klippesaks profesjonell kvalitet, god størrelse for alle typer klippejobber. Lengde 7,5"= 19.05cm. Rose Line saksen fra Witte Solingen er laget av rustfritt edelt stål, polert, og bladene perfekt slipt for optimalt resultat. Saksen ligger godt i hånden, har fingerstøtte og fôrede fingerringer for bedre hold og støtte.

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