Eye Cleansing Lotion

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Show Tech eye cleaner is designed for complete care of the eyes and surrounding areas. It treats and helps prevent the problems associated by over-active tear canals.

Breeds with short noses suffer from blocked tear canals which in turn cause the tears to become brownish in colour thus causing discolouration of the hair. With regular use in and around the eyes, this lotion helps to free the blocked canals and ensures that the tears remain translucent.

Recommended for dogs and cats, especially short faced breeds

Instructions for use:

Apply a few drops in and around the eye. Remove accumulations of dirt with a clean cotton cloth. Avoid tearstain formation by repeating the treatment frequently, daily use is recommended for the best results.

Effektiv tårestripefjerner. Forebygger og fjerner missfarging under øynene. Brukes i og rundt øynene etter behov. Brukes regelmessig for best resultat. Passer for alle raser også katter