Doggyman Slicker Brush Large

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  • Short Double Coats
  • Medium Double Coats
  • Long Double Coats
  • Long or Drop Coats
  • Flat Coats
  • Curly Coats
  • Hard Coats The face of the brush is filled with ultra-fine, bent-wire bristles that separates topcoat while grasping and removing undercoat helping to decrease shedding and prevent matting. Be sure to lift the coat and brush from the skin out in layers. This technique called "line brushing" will provide the most efficient and enjoyable grooming session for you and your furry friend. This gentle slicker brush removes shedding hair without damaging topcoat providing a beautiful and long-lasting well groomed finish.

Doggyman Karde is a unique card in very good quality. The brush is suitable for long and short coats and can be used to increase the volume of the coat.

Doggyman Karde is a soft designer brush with a comfortable handle and brush head in stainless steel. Ideal for all breeds of dogs & cats Soft sticks - light on the coat

Light weight

Stainless steel

Flexible and comfortable

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Doggyman Karde er et unik karde i meget god kvalitet. Karden passer til lange og korte pelser og kan brukes til å få volum i pelsen.

Doggyman Karde er en myk designerbørste med komfortabelt håndtak og børstehode i rustfritt stål. Ideell for alle raser av hunder & katter Myk pinner - lett på pelsen

  • Lett vekt
  • Rustfritt stål
  • Smidig og komfortabel
  • Størrelser: Small, Medium, Large
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