Coat Polish Spray-On Sheen

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his special formula was developed to provide the coat with a rich, healthy show ring sheen. It will highlight all colors and keep dogs and cats groomed longer. It is uniquely designed to repel dust and dirt, and prevent stains. Untangles matted hair and keeps it tangle-free, lustrous, and easy to groom. Non-oily, non-sticky, and safe.

Cruelty Free – Mild.

Make sure that dog or cat is clean before applying Coat Polish!

WET APPLICATION – For maximum sheen, shampoo first,-rinse well and remove excess water.

SHORT HAIR BREEDS: Spray Coat Polish on the coat. Work in well with palm of hand until coat is completely covered. Stroke coat flat in direction of hair and allow to dry thoroughly.

LONG HAIR BREEDS: For best results on long, silky coats spray on Coat Polish sparingly. Brush or comb while drying.

DRY APPLICATION – Touch up, clean coats only. Brush hair well, then spray on Coat Polish lightly. Stroke hair flat on short hair. Brush or comb long hair. Allow to dry and finish grooming.

MATTED, TANGLED COATS: Saturate mats and tangles with Coat Polish before bathing. Work in well and loosen mats with fingers, then bathe dog or cat with Bio-Groom Shampoo and follow above directions for long hair. No creme rinse needed.

Unik pelsspray som gjør alle pelser glatte og lettere å gre. Løser floker og fjerner flekker og støv. Super finish spray til lange og korte pelser. Hjelper deg å holde orden på pelsen.

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