Bitter Taste "Chewstop Spray"

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This fast acting topical spray stops pets from chewing and fur-biting. Bitter Taste™ contains a special ingredient which is the most bitter substance known to man, and will prevent chewing on blankets, bandages, casts, etc. It protects the coat and skin, yet is safe and non-stinging!

Spray liberally on affected areas of the coat. Make sure Bitter Taste penetrates to the skin. Allow to dry. Repeat as often as necessary. In most cases chewing, licking and biting are eliminated with only 1 application.

CAUTION: Keep out of the Reach of Children. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Should symptoms persist contact your veterinarian.

Effektiv bitterspray som hindrer tygging og biting på f.eks pels, tepper, bandager og eller andre ting som ikke skal bites på. Mild mot hud og pels.

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