General dog care

Bathe guide

With Bio Groom shampoo you can bathe the dog as often as you want and need. Comb the fur well before bathing, tangles and notts must be carefully weeded out. Make sure that the dog is standing firmly in the shower / bath - on e.g. non-slip bath mat Lay ready towels, and use e.g. a bathing restraint so the dog does not jump out of the tub / shower. Mix shampoo and water in a mixing bottle that makes the distribution of shampoo easier. Use a sponge to massage in shampoo more effectively.

Wet the whole body well, distribute the shampoo and massage well with a sponge or with your hands. Wash small areas at a time, be thorough between toes and in particularly dirty places such as long ears and beards of dogs that have it. Rinse and repeat the treatment. Important to get a completely clean dog! Then apply conditioner. Rinse thorough then squeeze water out of the coat, wipe well with a towel. Use a hair dryer or blower to dry the dog. brush gently at the same time, for example, with a slicker brush - then you separate the hairs, the coat dries faster and stays tangle-free longer.

Ear care

There is no recipe for how often you have to clean your ears. If the the ears are blocked, hair should be removed so to be able to obtain air and prevent infection. Regularly check for changes in odor, color, and the formation of dark wax. If the dog shows discomfort, itches, and there is a lot of wax, it needs a vet. Short-haired breeds need less care, than breeds with more fur. Breeds with drooping ears have a greater need for care than those with standing ears. Some breeds are more prone to ear problems than others.

Use Bio Groom Ear Fresh powder and then your fingers to pull out fur in the ears. Do not take too much at a time. The coat does not release until tooth decay. Use a machine inside the ears of long-haired dogs. Use Bio Groom Ear care for cleaning the ears. Spray Ear Care into the ear canal, massage the ear on the outside (hanging ears), wipe the ear with cotton pads. DO NOT go further down than you see, and never use Q-tips or the like. Bio Groom Ear Pads are great for cleaning the inside of the earlobe, and visible part of the ear itself.


The claws of dogs grow continuously and must normally be clipped regularly. However, some dogs grind their claws naturally against the surface and rarely or never need claw clipping. Dogs that often walk on asphalt sharpen their claws more than dogs that mostly walk on softer surfaces. It is a good idea to cut claws right after bathing, as they are softer and do not crack so easily.

How far to cut? As the claw grows, the nerve follows. Therefore, one must cut often and little, if the claw has become too long. Remember the wolf claws that most people have on their forelegs, and some also have extra claws on their hind legs. If you are unlucky and cut too far in, use Bio groom Sure Clot blood stopper. There are a number of different types and sizes of clippers/ball pliers, and some prefer to sharpen their claws.


Teeth care

The amount of tartar the dogs get varies greatly. This is a combination of what food it eats, care of teeth, and some breeds are more prone to poor dental status than others.

The dog's teeth and oral cavity must be checked regularly. Brushing your teeth with a brush or microfiber finger toothbrush prevents the formation of tartar. Dental Wipes are an option, if brushing is difficult. Tooth scraper can be used to remove tartar, but seek the advice and guidance of a veterinarian before use.

Paw care

Short-haired breeds need minimal care of paws. Check the foot pads, and lubricate with paw ointment if they are dry or cracked. In other breeds, fur must be cut regularly between the foot pads. Hard lumps quickly form that can cause pain to the dog. Wear paw socks in the winter on long ski trips, and in the city as protection against salt.

Wash regularly between the foot pads with a good shampoo, eg Lanolin. Dry well after washing. Use a paw shears or machine to cut the fur between the foot pads. Lubricate paw pads with emollient and protective paw ointment.